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True Spirituality

On Saturday 28th of November, we went as a Church to the Elim Centenary event held at the Lighthouse Church in Manchester, and it was fantastic! We all came home with so much, having enjoyed a tremendous time of worship, a very prophetic message from our GS and a great time of fellowship with one another.

But for me, the most inspiring and significant moment was when Winnifred Tee was asked to pray over the movement. Many who belong to this generation of Pentecostalism may not know much about her, but both she and her late husband Alex have been giants of the faith and of Pentecostalism in the UK, real pioneers and columns of the Elim movement, true spiritual giants on whose “shoulders” we stand. Standing next to Mrs Tee was an incredible experience, such a lovely “little” lady, extremely frail in body but incredibly strong in Spirit, a strength that was perceived by all when she lifted her weak and trembling voice in prayer.

But what inspired me the most was the fact that, although Pentecostalism has changed drammatically since her “green years”, although the Church has evolved into something that on the outset is so different from what she and her generation have been used to for so many years, she was still there praising God, blessing and interceding for the ones picking up the baton of their spiritual legacy, something that moved me very deeply.

For a brief moment, there stood in front of all of us a very real example of what true spirituality is all about, a spirituality that recognizes the presence, work and purposes of God even though they may come in a very different package. Elim, Pentecostalism and indeed the Kingdom of God in general may have changed in shape, form and culture, but the message, anointing, presence and mission is the same.

May we too aspire to true spirituality, a spirituality that will enable us to recognize and embrace God’s fresh move in our generation, even though it may come in a very different package.

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